Using AI and Machine Learning to Create Customers for Life

The days of mass production and one-size-fits-all are long gone and being replaced by customized offerings. In this day and age, brand loyalty is hard earned. As such, businesses, ranging from manufacturing to tech have abandoned traditional ways of attracting more customers like incremental product improvement and price wars in favor of big data powered AI systems that can create unique experiences and offer a more personalized touch.

AI is already changing the way we do business in so many significant ways; including attracting potential leads, managing calendars and writing personalized emails. Today, an initial purchase doesn’t always translate to brand loyalty. Getting a customer to love your brand and products takes a firm commitment to improve customer experience.

Innovative companies are using AI and machine learning to produce authentic, heavily immersive experiences along the entire customer experience journey. Many brands are already using recommendations to provide options for their customers.

Beyond this, some companies employ advanced analytics to learn more about their customers and determine which products and services they see and the product/service descriptions – with the aim of maximizing the chances that a user will find a product they are more likely to purchase faster.

A great way to use AI is to tweak the user experience regularly, by experimenting with data to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Applying A Customer-First Approach

Large and small brands alike are investing heavily in AI and machine learning to build intelligent systems that meet the high expectations of today’s customer and encourage them to not only love the brand but also become brand ambassadors. To stay ahead of the curve and create customers for life, here are three ways you can leverage AI and machine learning to improve your customer experience:

Look at A Broad Range of Data

The current customer expects a lot more from their favorite brands. Companies such as Amazon and Netflix have disrupted customer expectations by providing more personalized experiences tailored to a user’s unique interests. Thanks to available data, customers have become accustomed to intelligent and accurate recommendations. Your company will lose a customer just because you didn’t use something you know about them.

One of the best ways to keep customers for life is to utilize the data you have on them, check out data on their purchase history, user logins and cookies to understand the customer better and predict their needs. All businesses do this but you can stay one step ahead by, say, giving your existing users a customized web experience than potential clients or people you don’t recognize.

For instance, if you have an e-commerce store, you can welcome customers to your site, show them what they’ve purchased before and leverage advanced data analytics to tailor specific aspects of their experience. This may include predicting the type of content they may find useful, the questions they may have and the products they may be interested in.

Extend Your Reach

Rather than sticking to a single approach, make use of advanced analytics to extend your reach to potential clients. If you’re a B2B company, partners are essential to your marketing strategy and likely make up a significant portion of your sales ecosystem. Using advanced analytics, you can help you partners in anticipating and predicting their customer’s needs and addressing them effectively. As a result, your partners can use the content and insights you provide to personalize consumer communications and ensure their products and services continue to meet expectations.

Create Customized Touch Points

A hyper-customized world demands fast and easy customer interactions. One of the significant challenges businesses deal with is that they engage with customers through different channels and tools. As a result, content shown to customers has evolved from being human-generated to machine-assisted to machine-generated.

While not perfect, machine-generated communication is steadily improving. Consider implementing machine-generated content and you’ll find that’s it’s not only faster but also quite versatile. Over time, you’ll realize that you can use machine-generated content in other digital channels including SMS Text and social media so you can engage with customers better – in the platforms and places they prefer.