Reasons to Outsource Google Ads Management

The world of marketing has evolved and changed over time, and Google Ads is a significant contributor to this change. Being one of the most effective methods of online advertising, Google Ads can make your company much more successful in a short amount of time. When used properly, Google has the potential to send huge traffic your way, who want exactly what you’re offering.

Anyone can set up a basic Google Ads campaign, but things start to get heated up when the management of PPC campaigns becomes complex and tricky over time. Here are some of the reasons why this might be one piece of the digital marketing puzzle to outsource.

Bid Management and Time

Depending on the size of your in-house staff, you might be responsible for most if not all components of your digital marketing. However, juggling multiple channels is an impossible way to dive deep into your ad strategies.

If you’re working with a team, they may have greater knowledge of your products than an ad agency, but that doesn’t mean they can create a strategy for every product-especially without the technology they need to scale Ads management.

A great agency will have not only the expertise to manage your channel, but also the right software and campaign strategy to ensure every product gets the attention it needs. You can’t afford to ignore the power of software, and skilled personnel who know how to use it efficiently.


It’s easy to overlook cost issues when opting whether to outsource or scale your in-house staff. In the long run, bringing on a new hire with salary and benefits may turn out to be more expensive than paying an ad agency a monthly fixed or variable fee.

You’re Falling Behind the Competition

It goes without saying that digital marketing changes by the day. As such, to survive much less thrive the competitive environment, you need to constantly:

  • Evaluate technology solutions
  • Invest in your marketing teams continuing the education of new channels and features
  • Participate in new launches or beta programs

By investing in an agency that specializes in Google ads, you’re collaborating with a team that stays on top of cutting-edge strategies, betas and trends.

You Want to Grow

You’ve just discovered that you need more manpower. That gives you two options: scale your team or collaborate with an ad agency. There are several upsides to working with an in-house team-they get a really in-depth feel of your products and brand, and you also get to oversee the work closely.

Working with an ad agency, on the other hand, presents a different set of pros, but depending on the current state of your business, could make more sense than scaling your in-house team.

Built-in expertise

A new hire may have a relatively steep learning curve when joining your team and it’s highly unlikely they’re a Google Ads expert.

An ad agency, on the other hand, should have all your internal systems and processes documented from the get-go. Also, experience with multiple clients over the years gives them the technical knowledge on how to handle varying management scenarios.

For instance, Google created the Premier Partner Program to ensure Google Ads users get the best out of the platform by gaining access to a pool of competent experts. Google Premier Partners have high standards of knowledge, overall company performance and client account performance so you can count on them for proper campaign supervision.

Multiple eyes on the account

Most agencies will be well equipped to have your account under constant evaluation. And that often means several expert agency reps on the job, which beats bringing on one marketing manager to oversee your account.

Bottom Line

Between the resources, time and knowledge required to run a Google Ads campaign effectively, outsourcing to an ad agency can be a huge advantage to small and mid-sized companies. Unless you’re a global chain, it may not be financially feasible to do things like Google Ads management in-house. While Google ads can bring a lot of traffic to your business, it rarely makes financial sense to have key players in your company do the heavy lifting on their own.

If you’re running a small business, with a modest budget on pay advertising and online display, there’s a good chance you could save plenty of time and money by outsourcing your online advertising management operations.