How Machine Learning Improves Google Ads

The digital age is yet to reach a point where machines take over, but they continue to make our lives a lot easier. One area where machine learning technology is leveling the playing field, especially for marketers, is in paid ads. As such, innovations such as Google Ads are now more effective, more affordable and accessible to CMO’s as well as small marketing firms.

Google has integrated a lot of machine learning technology that’s capable of using innovative outreach methods and optimization techniques to transform your advertising campaigns. It’s an interesting shift that has seen Google increase their usage of machine learning and algorithms to improve the performance of Google Ads.

Here are some of the ways machine learning changes the way you can advertise with Google.

Improve the Relevance of Your Advertising with Responsive Ads

Google’s Responsive Ads option helps businesses maximize their opportunities using new machine learning-based ad optimization tools. The new product is designed to offer size, flexibility, and customization that you need as a business when crafting messages for your target audience. As an advertiser, Responsive Search Ads enable you to set up a single ad with several headlines and description options. Google then shows different combinations of the headlines and descriptions to relevant audiences. Based on your campaign goal, Google will use the results from its machine learning tools to optimize the creative combinations for best performance.

You also get the opportunity to see previews of different ad combinations, which gives you a better understanding of how customers view your ads. As a result, you’re better placed to tweak your headlines and ad copy by adding or editing a range of combinations.

Google also gives you the opportunity to view current reporting stats for different descriptions, headlines, and combinations of the two. In the long run, you can see the types of ads that are giving the best results and help to improve your efforts.

Maximize Shopping Campaigns

Google shopping is a great way to market your products and build your brand, but optimizing your listings can be an arduous and time-consuming process. AdWords implements a few machine learning techniques that give you more value out of the Shopping campaign option.

For instance, Choosing the Smart Shopping option optimizes all your ads based on conversion and revenue goals. This feature covers all your products, negating the need to manually adjust listings for individual products.

You can leverage machine learning technology to send you traffic that has the potential to convert. Moreover, there’s a new customer option that looks for people who are similar to your existing customers.

Bring More Customers to Your Local Business

Google has a Local Campaign AdWords feature that’s designed to help you get more customers to your store. Machine learning does all the optimization to help you reach out to audiences that have the potential to turn into loyal customers. A great benefit of Local Campaigns is that machine learning technology does most of the heavy lifting, which reduces your set up time and configuration significantly.

Boost Your Video Advertising Campaigns

Video is as significant as any other form of advertising. Today’s customer will use YouTube as a search engine, to find more information about products or services in which they’re interested. To take advantage of this, Google uses two types of machine learning powered advertising technologies. YouTube also uses smart bidding as part of its advertising platform.

Smart bidding works by adjusting the price of your advertising spend in real time to ensure you’re getting maximum return on investment (ROI).

Bottom Line

It’s time to take advantage of AI and machine learning and also understand how the tools being created work. Google has a range of free tools, but there are also specialized machine learning-empowered tools that will better serve your business in ways you probably haven’t even imagined.

Google AdWords makes use of the power of machine learning in several ways. You end up improving your relevance, lowering your Pay per Click (PPC) spend and automatically optimizing ads. Whether you plan on capturing mobile traffic or putting your ads on YouTube, machine learning will definitely improve your advertising efforts.

As a company that wants to take advantage of technological innovation, Google Ads will help your audience find more relevant ads and also help you reach the proper audience. When applied properly, machine learning allows you to run more profitable campaigns.