5 Top PPC Trends In 2019

PPC marketing has undergone tremendous changes over the years. So, what’s in store for PPC in 2019. So far, some of the hottest trends include voice search, artificial intelligence, automation and audience targeting. Here are some of the biggest trends you need to know as experts predict they’re going to influence your marketing strategy.

Focus on The Audience

It’s no surprise that we’re going to see a shift in focus from keyword match types and terms toward people and context. As such, keywords will no longer be a primary search lever. However, keywords will not die completely, but audience targeting will be of equal importance for securing high performance and ranking.

Automation and Human Intelligence

Automation is already influencing how businesses across most if not all industries carry out business. In fact, 2019 will be the year search engines integrate more automation. According to Google, automation opens up more opportunities for businesses, so we’ll see more “smart’ features and other search engines will follow suit.

Google Ads, for example, will continue to improve on their inbuilt automation features. However, this doesn’t mean PPC marketers will be replaced by a machine just yet.

The idea is not whether or not humans or machines are best rather which PPC experts have the best process to take advantage of machines to stay ahead of the curve.

According to experts the days of manually managing campaigns are fading away as machine learning is proving to be very effective, especially when working on a large scale.

Account Management and The Role of PPC Marketers

AI continues to revolutionize PPC campaigns, but PPC managers aren’t yet out of a job. Campaigns managers are leveraging their knowledge on PPC to select systems that will give their company’s or client’s campaigns the best results.

As more and more people adopt AI and get comfortable with machine learning technology, the battle for the best performing machines will undoubtedly escalate.

Attribution and Advertising Across Channels

More brands are realizing that there is more than a single channel out there and are marketing their products and services across multiple platforms. As such, there will be an increased focus on cross-device and cross-channel attribution.

Marketers are continuing to realize that no single attribution model suits all businesses, so it’s best to continuously adjust and tweak models based on performance.

Savvy markets already realize that the way forward in 2019 is to deliver advertising experiences. When it comes to advertising, therefore, the trick is to reach out to customers and keep them engaged through each touchpoint by delivering positive experiences that compel them to want more – and part of that journey is in the search process as well.

Delivering positive advertising experiences, with a focus on search, will be the driving force behind any marketing camping moving into 2019.

Brand Building

2019 will be the year of building brands. The past few years have seen a focus by PPCers on ROI, forgetting the backbone of marketing, which is to create demand for a product and, hopefully, building brand loyalty.

PPCers will shift their focus from trying to make every click profitable and focus on segmenting strategies by goals.

Platforms will come and go and tactics will change by the day but prioritizing brand affinity and loyalty will stand the test of time.